Modern Cyrillic 2014

    International Type Design Competition

You can contact the competition secretary Valentina Radzishevskaya regarding any questions related to the organisation of the competition and the terms and conditions for submitting.

Phone: +7 (495) 980-27-06

Sergey Bobryshev Head of Sales
at ParaType
Irina Petrova Director, ParaType
Valentina Radzishevskaya competition
Rustam Gabbasov designer, editor
of Type Journal
Eugene Yukechev designer, editor-in-chief
of Type Journal
This competition is possible thanks to the assistance and professional help to this people:
Misha Beletsky typographer
Andrey Belonogov designer
Olesya Gievsky editor of Type Journal
Maxim Zhukov typographer
Vladimir Kolomeytsev designer
Alexandra Korolkova type designer
Yana Kutyina designer
Jonathan Reilly translator
Mono web developers
This site and competition logotype were designed by Vladimir Kolomeytsev. Fonts: Circe by Alexandra Korolkova and Nerpa by Andrey Belonogov and Yana Kutyina (typeface design based on Modern Cyrillic 2014 logo).