Modern Cyrillic 2014

    International Type Design Competition

Dmitry Aronov Russia
Dmitry Aronov — publisher, artist, typographer. A graduate of the Moscow Printing Institute. In the year 2000 founded a publishing house that issues professional books for artists and designers, including publications on type and typography. These books include Russian editions of Kunst der Farbe and Gestaltungs- und Formenlehre by Johannes Itten, The Elements of Typographic Style by Robert Bringhurst and De streek: theorie van het schrift by Gerrit Noordzij, among others.
Gayaneh Bagdasaryan Russia
Gayaneh Bagdasaryan is a type designer. She graduated from the Moscow Printing Institute and Ryazan School of Art. In 1996 she joined ParaType as a type designer. Her Cyrillic adaptations are now included in font libraries of the world’s leading foundries: ParaType, Typotheque, Linotype, Bitstream, The Font Bureau, ITC, Berthold and Emigre. Bagdasaryan has won awards from several international type design competitions, such as Kyrillitsa’99 (for New Letter Gothic) and TDC2 2000 (for Klin). Since 2012 she has been the director of Brownfox type studio and the organiser of Serebro Nabora, an annual typographic conference. She is also a member of the Type Journal editorial board, and teaches at several design schools.
Natalia Vasilyeva Russia
Natalia Vasilyeva is a calligrapher, type and book designer. She is involved in every stage of publishing, from editing to typography and illustrations. She is also passionate about photography and computer design. She designs fonts for ParaType while living and working in a remote Siberian city of Barnaul. Her best-known typefaces include Adonis, Sans Rounded, Vesna, Hortensia, Margon, Natali Script, Nat Vignette, Orbi, Deca, Prospect and Adventure, in addition to cyrillic versions of Bitstream Zapf, Elliptical 711, Bitstream Mister Earl and Motiv.
Jovica Veljović Germany
Jovica Veljović [Ve-lyo-vich] was born in Serbia in 1954, has been designing typefaces for URW, International Typeface Corporation, Adobe and Linotype GmbH since 1980. Since 1992 Jovica Veljović has been a Professor of Type Design and Typography at Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Departement Design. He has won several awards for his calligraphy and typeface designs, including the Prix Charles Peignot from Association Typographique Internationale, Karl Schneider Preis, City of Hamburg and several TDC² awards from the Type Directors Club. Type design is not Veljović’s sole field of activity: he also works as a typographer, calligrapher and book designer.
Danila Vorobiev Russia
Danila Vorobiev is a graphic designer, typographer and teacher, a graduate of the Moscow Printing Institute and the British Higher School of Art and Design (Maxim Zhukov’s Typography course). He has worked as a designer and art director at various Moscow advertising agencies, publishing houses and design studios. He is currently art director of design bureau Otdel-72 and teaches in a number of universities with design-oriented majors. His professional interests include typography, visual identity (corporate styles) and the history of type, as well as the design of periodicals and printed matter.
Konstantin Golovchenko Ukraine
Konstantin Golovchenko is a graphic designer and researcher in the fields of typeface history and typography. His first job as a title designer for a broadcasting company was followed by the position of the managing editor at a publishing house. He is now the director of advertising agency Motto Kreativ in Odessa, Ukraine. Konstantin is a co-founder of a digital type foundry Apostrof with Viktor Kharyk.
Yuri Gordon Russia
Yuri Gordon is a graphic designer and illustrator. He graduated from the Moscow Printing Institute (Department of Print Design), and has been working with typefaces since 1976. His first digital type design, FaRer, was created in 1996. Yuri Gordon is one of the founders of studio Letterhead. Designed over 400 original font weights and Cyrillic extensions to existing designs. He has collaborated with the Russian editions of Rolling Stone, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Empire and Interni, as well as popular Russain magazines Vokrug Sveta, Ogonyok, Hermitage among many others. Author of design books Alcools, ДХ-ЮГ, Strong Gods and the popular Book of Letters from Аа to Яя, now in its second edition.
Alexandra Korolkova Russia
Alexandra Korolkova is a Cyrillic type designer, type researcher and type consultant. She has been working for ParaType since 2009 as a Head of Type Design, and from 2014 — as a Type Director. In 2009–2011 participated in Public Types of Russian Federation project (including PT Sans and PT Serif) as the principal designer. She also wrote a book on typography for beginners in Russian (roughly translated as Lively Typography). Awarded at international type design competitions (including Modern Cyrillic, Granshan, ED Awards) and received Prix Charles Peignot in 2013.
John Hudson Canada
John Hudson is a type designer and digital font development professional. In 1994, he co-founded Tiro Typeworks, a small foundry specialising in custom font solutions for multilingual computing and publishing. He has designed or collaborated on new typefaces for Arabic, Burmese, Cyrillic, Devanagari, Ethiopic, Greek, Gurmukhi, Hebrew, IPA, Javanese, Latin, Odia, Sinhalese, Telugu, Thai and other writing systems. Hudson was awarded a special prize for his contribution to Cyrillic typography and international typographic communication at the Kyrillitsa’99 competition.
Maxim Zhukov (Chair)
Maxim Zhukov specialises in multilingual typography. For many years he served as a typographic coordinator to the United Nations. He is involved in type design, consulting for individual designers and foundries. In 1984-85, he taught at the Moscow Printing Institute, and currently lectures at the Parsons School of Design, New York. Zhukov often gives lectures and writes articles about typography and type design. In 2005, 2006 and 2009, he held typographic seminars at the British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow. Zhukov is a member of a number of Russian, American and international professional societies and associations.